About Academician Chapter

The Academicians chapter of FSMK is proposed to be a state-wide organization of faculty from both technical and non-technical academic institutions with a strong interest in free software. The goal of the Academicians chapter is to provide a “springboard” for members pursuing professional pathways not only within the field of computer science but also in other disciplines while evangelising the cause of free software through a variety of activities including QIP programs, seminars, workshops and networking opportunities. 

This would serve as a platform for creating awareness about free software and encouraging institutions in actively adopting 'FOSS' in its curricula. While the technical advantages are evident, Free Software is also about ethics and human values for academic institutions and the people involved and this is especially relevant in the current society. As the chapter grows, increased collaboration among Universities across the state is anticipated leading to further expansion of opportunities considered crucial to the successful growth of Free Software in the State of Karnataka.

Why join the academic chapter either in personal or institutional mode

1. Are you inclined towards knowing latest technology trends around you?  Our chapter members have affiliations with top universities across the country and are engaged in socio-technical pursuits that are critical for the development of society while working with cutting edge technology and bleeding edge research.  Over the last few years we have been able to provide opportunities for teaching, research and industry consultancy activities.

2. Do you want to make a significant change at your institution?  We do not claim that it is economically cheaper to work with FOSS.  What we do claim is that it is highly beneficial for the students community to work on FOSS as it provides opportunities for personal growth especially in an industry where core jobs are either saturated or non-existent.
3.  A complete stack of free software for most disciplines is available

4. We would help you to develop indigenous software for in-house operations at your institution

5. Do you want better engagement of learners in the classroom? There are a complete range of tools with appropriate pedagogy to suit your purposes.
6. The chapter will also provide a platform for academicians to discuss problems faced by the academia and to arrive at solutions through a healthy debate. Faculty can also share the best practices they follow at their institutions as well 

Things to do

Conduct workshops and seminars on free software technologies and tools.
        For that we have to identify core technologies and tools build courseware for the same.
        To identify and publish list of research projects and resource persons at our website.
        To build our network from our contacts