About Community Center

Information Technology provides access to the world knowledge at our finger tips. Bangalore is becoming world IT hub. MNC's opening centers in Bangalore. Infrastructure is developed to attract the MNC investments. Roads are full of shopping malls and huge cars. Soon computing will become a basic need.

On the flip side, out of one billion people in India, less than 10 million only have internet access. Those with internet access get to resources very quickly and even drain it before even some one without without internet access reaches it. Train ticket reservation is one major example. Using internet people log in and quickly book the tickets. Those who stand in the queue in the reservation counters may not be able to get it. Also, consider an eight standard kid working on a science project. A kid with internet access can just easily get to enormous details available on the net when compared to the kid who doesn't have. Digital divide is becoming yet another tool for discriminating already oppressed people.

Community computing is an empowerment initiative owned by the local community to bridge the widening digital divide using free software.


​The Ambedkar Community Computing Center is not a private or public educational institution, it is a computing education center run by youths from a local group called Ambedkar Sanga that works in the slums of the area.

The Center was founded in 2007 in an effort to bring the world of computers close to underprivileged children and youths who otherwise would have little opportunity to get in contact with this technology.


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Amigo is a word picked by few community Center students. This happened after some time the center was started. Probably before one of their events to create a banner. 

From Spanish amigo (“friend”), from Latin amicus (“friend”), derived from amare (“to love”). Compare French ami, Italian amico, Portuguese amigo and Romanian amic.


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