FSMK Lab Manual

FSMK Lab Manual is an attempt to come up with documentation which helps in migrating labs in colleges completely to Free Software. As part of this, we have selected VTU's Computer Science Department and have come up with complete lab manual for all the labs that are conducted as part of the course.


Currently lab manual for CS Department of Visvesvaraya Technological University is available.
We are looking forward to collaborate with other universities.
Contact Us in case you are faculty from any other university and interested to collaborate with us.

Android App

Lab Manual content is now available as an Android App too thanks to Amabyte.
F-Droid Version for the app will soon be available.


Want to help us in improving this project! Checkout the Git Repo. Join us!
  • If you are good at any of these subjects, help us in adding new content.
  • If you are a student or a faculty, help us in verifying existing content.
  • You can also help us improve the explanation to make it more easier and intuitive for students to learn.
  • You can also join us in helping colleges to migrate their labs to Free Software.
  • You can also donate to FSMK to help us continue working on such great projects.


This is what various stakeholders of College Lab had to say about FMSK Lab Manual project.

"Finding a comprehensive guide to help you with your lab studies isn't easy, and FSMK has done a wonder in this regard! The documentation is accurate; and the best part is, if you ever find a mistake, you can rectify it yourself because it's open sourced and free."
Suryoday Basak, 2nd Year, CSE, PESIT Bangalore South Campus

"Today the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Oxford College of Engineering is proud to say that none of their systems make use of Windows/proprietary software and they have all successfully and enthusiastically moved over to FOSS as the only operating system in use."
Dr. R J Anandhi, Dean Academics, Professor & HOD(CSE), The Oxford College of Engineering

"With this lab manual FSMK has been able to break the myth and the perceived mind barrier in the academic community students and faculty alike, that 'conducting labs entirely using free software is not possible'. Unlike any other lab manual which only provides solutions to exercises this manual has been carefully designed to also include explanations of solutions, installation procedures for various tools being used."
Mr. Prabodh C P, Assistant Professor, SIT Tumkur


FSMK Docathon 2014 at JVIT
FSMK conducted a documentation workshop for college faculty members where they all could come together and help us produce this lab manual. It was a 3 day residential documentation workshop jointly organized with Jnana Vikas Institute of Technology, Bidadi at their campus from 23 January, 2014. It was attended by 16 faculty members of different colleges and 40 volunteers from FSMK. The documentation workshop was sponsored by Spoken Tutorial Project, an initiative by Government of India to promote IT literacy through Open Source software. Spoken Tutorials are very good learning material to learn about various Free Software tools and hence the videos are excellent companion to this Lab Manual. The videos themselves are released under Creative Commons license, so students can easily download them and share it with others. We would highly recommend our students to go through the Spoken Tutorials while using this Lab Manual and web links to the respective spoken tutorials are shared within the lab manual also.

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