Reflections from the Annual General Body meeting 2014 - A guiding note


Email Encryption using Thunderbird and Enigmail

Have you ever wondered how Google knows exactly where you are traveling and how it is able to show you targeted ads. Does it scare you that every email that you have on your email account is constantly being scanned and read to find something interesting about you. Would you want to come out of this, in a very simple, easy way without spending a dime on complex solutions.

Bulding Web Apps using AngularJS

Building Web Apps using AngularJS and
Algorithms group's first meet-up- Divide and Conquer Algorithms-1

Sunday School - AngularJS

By Karthic Rao and Abhiram Ravikumar

FSMK Office
No. 121/17, 1st Floor,
6th main, 14th Cross,
Wilson garden, Bengaluru - 560030

Sunday School - Learning Git (Basics + Advanced)

For participants of FSMK Summer Camp 2014 and anybody else interested in learning Git.

Basics: What's and Why's of Git and a few basic commands to get started.

Advanced: Advanced commands with a practical exercise of collective collaboration over a network to highlight the advanced features of Git.


* Get a laptop with any GNU/LINUX based OS installed. If possible get git also installed.

Use the command: sudo apt-get install git

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