Amigo is a word picked by few community Center students. This happened after some time the center was started. Probably before one of their events to create a banner.
From Spanish amigo (“friend”), from Latin amicus (“friend”), derived from amare (“to love”). Compare French ami, Italian amico, Portuguese amigo and Romanian amic.

They live everyday by the meaning of this word to move forward in their lives and take others also along.  
This community center is operating in the office space of Free Software Movement Karnataka. In fact Amigo team is the one which uses this office space effectively.  More than hundred people ranging from school kids to house wives came to this center and learned how to use Computer. They all learned how to use computer through Free Software. It was really inspiring that we could create few teachers from those students to sustain activities of the community center. 
They even started going to other centers and teach. This new generation teachers kept their eyes and ears open for new knowledge. They started learning programming, Free Hardware, GIMP, etc. 

Amigo was running with few computers donated by individuals and a Software company. Few computers had to be repaired and community center students started learning repairing too. 

They took working pieces of multiple computers and assembled working computers. This is effective reuse of materials which are supposed to be electronic waste. 
Amigo students went out to the neighbourhood campaigned for starting a library. People gave books and now two cupboards are full books which can be utilized by anyone who wish to learn.  Amigo center even became a study center for the school and college going students. They come with their textbooks and study from the office space. There is internet facility also availed to those who want to use it for research and studies. 
This center must grow in a consistent manner. This requires more volunteers who can take sessions on various topics like soft-skill development,  Mathematics, Science, Software, etc. 

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