Greetings to all the participants of the Embedded for Her program.

We hope you had a good start to Embedded for Her. Here are some resources for you with regards to the topics covered in the first session.

Videos of the topics covered in the first session:

Experiments to do at home. Please keep in mind the pin configuration of the transistor that you have. Do post photos and videos of these experiments that you do at home.

The list of components handed over in the first session:

  • Breadboard
  • Multimeter
  • Solder Gun with stand, solder lead and sponge
  • Wire stripper
  • Bluey development board
  • Stlink Programmer with Black Magic Probe software
  • Female to Male Jumper
  • Female to Female Jumper
  • Single Strand Wire
  • Electrolyte Capacitor (100uF, 16V, 10uF,16V)
  • Ceramic Capacitor (100 nf)
  • Resistor box
  • LED (5 Red, 5 Green)
  • DIP Switch (4-pin)
  • Switches - push to on, push to on push to off
  • Potentiometer (1k)
  • Motor with propellor
  • Relay
  • Diode (1N5007)
  • 2N3904 BJT
  • IRF9520 MOSFET
  • IR Sensor
  • LDR
  • General Purpose Board
  • LM7805 5V Regulator
  • Buzzer
  • 4V Lead acid Battery
  • 5 V Adapter
  • Male Berg Stick
  • Female Berg Stick
  • DC jack