*FSMK is associating with Pycon India conducting python sessions across Karnatka part of Pymonth:-
PyCon India, the premier conference in India on using and developing the Python programming language is conducted annually by the Python developer community, represented by Python Software Society of India. The conference attracts the best Python programmers across the country and abroad.
This year, PyCon India is celebrating the month of August as Python Month, with aim of increasing the awareness and awesomeness of Python Programming Language within the student community in India...


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Upcoming Activities

GLUGDSC- 30th Aug -  31st Aug

Hands on Session on 30th Aug -  31st Aug
Rakesh P Gowada will handle it

TFSC Glug (BMSIT) - 30th Aug
Workshop on Python Programming
Karthik Naik will coordinate

26th August 2014

The second season of the above mentioned course will start on #fsmk
Freenode on IRC at 10:00 PM on 26th August 2014 (Tuesday). Do join in if
you are interested.
Previous sessions logs: or
Do watch the 6th video of the lecture series before you join the class.

Abhiram RaviKumar will handle

What happened ?

Part of Sunday school conducted session on Email Encryption using Thunderbird and Enigmail - 24th Aug
Vignesh Prabhu handled the session

Introduction to Free Software On 9th Aug mainly for second years as they are new to free software.
Vignesh Pravu and Karthik Rao coordinated the event.

Installation Fest on 15th Aug
Installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, had some issues, solved it. went great, also introduced some basic commands like file operations and installing some packages, tasks given to install some useful packages like git and brackets and vim
Bhargav R. Panth and  Nishchal Gautam coordinated the event

Hands on Session on 16th Aug
Covered HTML: Basic tags, heading tags, paragraphs and some tricks , Session was short but everyone was trying something we've got some students querying about different tags which we couldn't cover in just a hour of class.
Bhargav R. Panth and  Nishchal Gautam coordinated the event

Hands on Session on 23rd Aug
Introduction to CSS - Interested candidates, everyone trying out different things themselves, some of them completed the assigned task which was given last week, today assigned the task to do some CSS and develop something
Bhargav R. Panth and  Nishchal Gautam coordinated the event

Hands on Session  on HTML5 and CSS3 mainly foccus in css3 21st Aug
Aayush and Apoorva coordinated the event